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The forms and publications listed below are available for download, by clicking on the file type of the entry. For example, you would click on 'PDF' beside 'Voter Registration Form', if you wanted to download that form.


Only certain forms and publications are available online. If you need an item that is not available on this website, please contact us.


Some files are periodically updated; others are updated only upon request. To request that any form, publication, report or export be generated or updated, use the "Contact/Directions" menu item to send us a message.


Description Link
Voter Registration Form View File
Voter Registration Instructions View File
Application for Absent Voter Ballot (FE-11A) View File
Application for Absent Voter Ballot (Emergency) (SOS-11-B) View File
Application for Armed Service Absent Voter Ballot by Relative (SOS-11-E) View File
Application for Absent Voter's Ballot by Voter Requiring Assistance (SOS-11-F) View File
UOCAVA Information View File
UOCAVA Registration & Absentee Application Form FPCA (SOS-76) View File


Federal Voting Assistance Program


Absentee Ballot Request for uniformed service members, their families, members of the organized militia and their families and other overseas U.S. citizens. 


Click this link to go to the Federal Voting Assistance Program




Description Link
Pollworker Application (FE-99Z) View File